What you have always wanted to ask about OAuth, but have never dared to.

After having taught OAuth to over 6000 students online and in the classroom, I can assure you: some questions on OAuth come up over and over again. So I decided to publish those frequently asked questions, including my answers, all neatly collected in one place, organized by topics.

This book helps you to create successful OAuth solutions because it allows you to profit from the experiences and most common questions of other students, who were facing similar issues.

This book helps you to apply OAuth in the real world, which is far more messy and complex than any example or reference solution that you can find in a textbook. Maybe you have read an OAuth textbook, and you have understood the concepts. However, applying OAuth in the real-world hold unforeseen complexities. So learn from the questions that come up when others start solving practical problems with OAuth for their organization or a client.

This book helps you to avoid common pitfalls. Not only regarding the concepts and the theory, but also on the practical implementation. So you can build OAuth solutions that work.

Reading this book provides a well-rounded understanding of OAuth. You get more background information on the foundations and edge cases. It is this experience that matters to get to the next level of understanding and being able to apply OAuth in your context.


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Title: The OAuth FAQ
Author: Matthias Biehl
Release Date: Summer 2019
Length: TODO pages
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