Open Insurance has the advantage of having an older brother, Open Banking, which has ventured out before with similar aspirations and goals. There is a rich set of experiences from various Open Banking initiatives and especially from implementing banks around the world. So what can Open Insurance learn from Open Banking and more concretely: what best practices from Open Banking should insurance companies adopt to have the best possible chances of success in Open Insurance?

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What Open Insurance can learn from Open Banking

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Matthias Biehl

As API strategist, Matthias helps clients discover their opportunities for innovation with APIs & ecosystems and turn them into actionable digital strategies. Based on his experience in leading large-scale API initiatives in both business and technology roles, he shares best practices and provides both strategic and practical guidance. He has stayed a techie at heart and at some point, got a Ph.D. Matthias publishes a blog at, is the author of several books on APIs, and regularly speaks at technology conferences.