Build and Monetize Alexa Skills

This is a book for developers, who not only want to develop for Alexa but are also interested in making money with the Alexa voice assistant.

Voice assistants are the technology with one of the highest adoption rates in history. In the US alone, customers have already bought more than 30 million dedicated voice devices. These new devices create a massive demand for a new type of app, the voice app or skill.

Just as in the early days of mobile, when fortunes were made with mobile apps on the app store, it is now the perfect time to catch the opportunities offered by voice apps. Amazon Alexa, the biggest voice assistant platform, helps developers like you and me, to develop, market and sell their voice apps to the growing number of Alexa users. And recently, Amazon enabled new features for monetizing Alexa skills.

Mark is right, now is the perfect time to learn about voice and ambient computing.

In this book, you learn step-by-step how to create your first Alexa Skill on the Alexa Developer Console, AWS Lambda, the Alexa Command Line Interface, node.js, and the Alexa SDK. You get a deep-dive into the various ways of making money with Alexa. You learn about the business models for Alexa skills, marketing your skill on the Alexa Store and about programming the payment flows. We introduce many advanced features of Alexa, such as personalizing your skill with the user’s data and linking the skill to popular cloud apps, such as spotify, google and many more. This will help you create unique apps that stand out on the market and improve the lives of many Alexa users.

The API-University Series is a modular series of books on API-related topics. Each book focuses on a particular API topic, so you can select the topics within APIs, which are relevant to you.

Keywords: Alexa, Alexa Skill, ASK, Voice-Assistent, AWS, Amazon, Lambda

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Title: Making Money with Alexa Skills – A Developer’s Guide
Author: Matthias Biehl
Released: 2019-03-08
Length: 225 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1795831123
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