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What does this course offer?

Looking for best practices on building RESTful APIs? This course is for you!


This course is packed with best practices on technical aspects of RESTful API Design, including the correct use of resources, URIs, representations, content types, data formats, parameters, HTTP status codes, and HTTP methods. I will show you the best practices for building RESTful APIs, collected over many years of designing APIs. I will also show you how to turn the API design in practical implementations. I will show you how to document your API design decisions using so-called API description languages (RAML and Swagger).

After taking this course, you will be ready to create RESTful APIs in cloud solutions and mobile apps.

Who should take this course?

Do you want to build exciting solutions with the next generation technology? Whether you are a web developer, mobile developer or API developer, an architect or embedded developer for the Internet of Things, today you need to know RESTful design to build state of the art solutions.

What am I going to learn in this course?

  • Understand REST and being able to apply it
  • Understand the API economy
  • Design RESTful APIs
  • Know the REST Terminology
  • Apply Best Practices

Keywords: RESTful, REST, API Design, API, API Description Languages, RAML, Swagger


Title: RESTful API Design – Getting Started as an API Architect
Author: Matthias Biehl
Release Date: 2018
Length: 3 hours
Content: 30 Lectures + Many Interactive Quizzes
Language: English
COMPUTERS > Web > Web Programming
COMPUTERS > Web > Web Services & APIs