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What does this course offer?

Peak into a lecture and see what you will learn in this course by watching the video above!

This course offers an introduction to API Security with OAuth 2.0. In 4 hours you will get to know the actors, endpoints, tokens and grant types of OAuth. You will be ready to use OAuth in cloud solutions and mobile apps. You will be able to look over the shoulder of an expert using OAuth for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Paypal.

How is this course taught?

If you have tried to read the official OAuth specification, you may get the impression that OAuth is complicated. This course explains OAuth in simple terms. The four OAuth flows are visualized using sequence diagrams. The diagrams are then animated so you get to know the interactions step by step and see the big picture of the various OAuth interactions. This high-level overview is complemented with a rich set of example requests and responses and an explanation of the technical details.

Who should take this course?

Do you want to build exciting solutions with the next-generation technology? Whether you are a web developer, mobile developer or API developer, an architect or embedded developer for the Internet of Things, today you need to know OAuth to build state of the art solutions.

You believe OAuth is complicated? OAuth may seem complicated with flows and redirects going back and forth. This course will give you clarity by introducing the seemingly complicated material with many illustrations and animations. These illustrations clearly show all the involved interaction parties and the messages they exchange.

You want to learn the OAuth concepts efficiently? This course uses many animated diagrams and sequence diagrams. A good diagram says more than 1000 words.

Do you want to write best-selling iPhone and Android apps?  The most popular mobile apps integrate with popular social APIs of Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. If this is a well-known fact, why do app developers not just do it?
Many app developers are afraid of complicated OAuth integrations. Security is, in fact, the biggest hurdle for most mobile app developers.
With the knowledge gained in this course, you can use the secret of best app developers out there and finally integrate your app with social APIs.

You want to use OAuth to protect your APIs? OAuth is perfectly suited to protect your APIs. You can learn which OAuth endpoints need to be provided and which checks need to be made within the protected APIs.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Secure your own APIs with OAuth (server-side).
  • Practical Examples using OAuth of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Paypal
  • Use OAuth in Mobile Apps (client-side).
  • Use OAuth in Cloud Solutions (client-side).
  • Choose the correct OAuth Flow flow for your use-case.
  • Know the OAuth Terminology: Actors, Endpoints, Tokens.
  • Apply OAuth Best Practices.


Descriptive, clear explanations for technical folks. Working sheets was excellent idea making the example implementations very easy to follow.
— Ales

Very nicely laid out and information is informative
— Jaco

Very nice Tutorial. I really loved the part where the author explained each thing in detail many times. Each time he repeated same thing it was from different angle and it helped me in understanding it. To some it might look slow but for me it was exactly at right pace that introductory courses should be. Thanks again.
— Vaibhav


— Sean


Title: OAuth 2.0 – Getting Started as an API Security Expert
Author: Matthias Biehl
Last Upate: 2019-12-28
Paying Students: > 7500
Length: > 4 hours
Content: 52 Lectures + 4 Worksheets + Many Interactive Quizzes
Language: English
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