The recently published “OWASP API security top 10” report analyzes the anti-patterns that lead to vulnerabilities and security risks in APIs. In this 10 part series, we introduce these API anti-patterns. Every API professional should know about these anti-patterns.

Excessive Data Exposure from the OWASP API security paper

API security anti-pattern for Excessive Data Exposure

Object properties may have different sensitivity. The different sensitivity would justify the different treatment of the properties. However, developers often aim for generic and reusable code, that can be used for handling any property regardless of its individual sensitivity. Often it is even assumed that the calling app (client) performs the data filtering of critical properties before the object is shown.

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Check out the complete OWASP API security paper. To secure access to your APIs, learn more about the OAuth in the OAuth Book, or the OAuth Course. To provide and use identity data in apps and APIs, learn more about OpenID Connect in the OpenID Connect Book, or the OpenID Connect Course.

The 10 most critical API security risks – Part 3: Excessive Data Exposure

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