Digital Ecosystems

If the hype around digital ecosystems leaves you confused and intrigued at the same time, then this book brings you the clarity, simplicity, and actionable advice to profit from digital ecosystems.

This book sets you on the track towards building digital ecosystems like a pro. Get a realistic picture of what a vibrant digital ecosystem can do for your customers and your business. Learn the mindset, tools, and best practices of an ecosystem designer.

Learn to create unique ecosystems that make your customers instantly feel at home. Because they can seamlessly connect all the digital products they already use today. Want to offer this to your customers?

You “just” need to build it. Not from scratch – but smart, fast, and scalable. With your and your partners’ APIs. This book shows you how.

The Digital Ecosystems Book will become available in Summer 2021. Stay tuned and sign up for ecosystem insights.

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