GraphQL is great but requires the manual installation and maintenance of software infrastructure components, tedious configuration, and some manual tweaking. And when running a productive GraphQL system, you need to find a way to scale the system up and down based on the current load.


The advantages you gain from serverless GraphQL are:

• No server management (no need to install or manage any machine)

• No software management (no need to install or manage GraphQL servers)

• Pay-per-execution (never pay for idle)

• Auto-scale (scale based on demand)

AppSync allows us to focus on building apps and GraphQL APIs while minimizing the time spent and effort exerted on managing the infrastructure needed to run GraphQL. In AppSync, developers can work with their data via a GraphQL API. GraphQL can be easily integrated with modern tools and frameworks.

Learn more about AWS AppSync.

Building GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync

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