Falcor is an API style that is similar to GraphQL. It introduces a virtual layer that can be used to map frontend requests to backend services. It is maintained by Netflix.

Falcor API Style

The basic idea of the Falcor API Style is to create a virtual JSON resource, as the central data model, which is actually used as a container. This virtual JSON resource is published under a URL address. Falcor then links data from various backends and data sources into this virtual JSON resource. The virtual JSON resource is all-encompassing and is designed to be extended over time. As a result, the virtual JSON resource is pretty big.

Clients should not need to retrieve it in its entirety, so similar to GraphQL,  the client can specify which part of the resource is interesting and only that specific part should be retrieved. On the client-side, only JavaScript is required- no other proprietary language (like GraphQL).

Falcor API Style – merging all your data models

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