How should we build signup and login for apps to increase app conversion?

It needs to be simple. End-users tend to shy away from tedious onboarding processes or only get halfway through before they give up. How do some of the most successful and popular apps deal with this situation?

They use OpenID Connect. It is a standardized protocol for sharing end-user data in a secure and controlled manner. With OpenID Connect, end-users can signup and login to a new app using their existing account (e.g. from Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft). This makes signup and login so smooth and simple.

Exploring how OpenID Connect works, with its tokens, flows, and APIs is the subject of this new OpenID Connect Book.

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New OpenID Connect Book Available Today!
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Matthias Biehl

As API strategist, Matthias helps clients discover their opportunities for innovation with APIs & ecosystems and turn them into actionable digital strategies. Based on his experience in leading large-scale API initiatives in both business and technology roles, he shares best practices and provides both strategic and practical guidance. He has stayed a techie at heart and at some point, got a Ph.D. Matthias publishes a blog at, is the author of several books on APIs, and regularly speaks at technology conferences.