In this week’s episode, I review the Spotify API – more specifically the OAuth capability. My goal: get an OAuth Access Token for my app, so I can call the API. To achieve this goal, I will go to the dev portal, learn about the API, use the API and write a node.js application.

Follow along or just watch and learn (from my mistakes ;-).

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In the video, I develop some source code in node.js step-by-step. I thought that if you could get this, it would make your life much easier because it guides you through the process, and helps you to get all the nitty-gritty details right. Without it, you would probably spend a lot of time reading the documentation or figuring it out by trial and error.

Get the Spotify API Source Code in node.js, I will mail it to you. Just leave your address below.

Learn about OAuth in a more structured way, with step-by-step guides:

Spotify API – How to get an OAuth Access Token

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