OAuth 2.0 has emerged as the de facto standard protocol for securely protecting APIs. It provides applications the ability for secure access while keeping your passwords safe using authorization tokens.

In our increasingly connected world, knowledge on this authorization protocol becomes crucial for developers in order to understand how programs, applications, and websites give access to users.

In this episode, we talk to Matthias Biehl, an expert advisor at API University about OAuth, discuss his book, “OAuth 2.0: Getting Started in Web-API Security”, the different “flows” on how an access token is obtained, how OAuth is utilized for microservices, and the future of the protocol.

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Podcast: Understanding OAuth

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Matthias Biehl

As API strategist, Matthias helps clients discover their opportunities for innovation with APIs & ecosystems and turn them into actionable digital strategies. Based on his experience in leading large-scale API initiatives in both business and technology roles, he shares best practices and provides both strategic and practical guidance. He has stayed a techie at heart and at some point, got a Ph.D. Matthias publishes a blog at api-university.com, is the author of several books on APIs, and regularly speaks at technology conferences.