Just did some research on digital business models and found this interesting insight.

Here is how the big digital leaders, namely Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft make their money.

Alphabet and Facebook are clearly advertising companies. Apple is clearly a product design company. Amazon is a retailer with big stakes in Media and Cloud Services. And Microsoft is a little bit of everything, but still makes 50% of its revenue from its past successes Office and Windows. Of course, we have to remember that these companies are huge, so there are many other ways that they make their money too. For example, Alphabet is the parent company of Google, so that should help some people to understand just how big these companies are. Alphabet also allows investors to put some money into the company too, so that is another of their revenue streams. To learn more about investing in this company, some people may want to find google stock quotes (or akcje google notowania as they would say in Polish). That should allow people to understand the sort of prices that they could be looking at. Some of the other companies also offer investment opportunities too.

The image is provided by Visual Capitalist and Business Insider.

Just wondering: How much of this revenue is generated through APIs? I can only guess, but for Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook it would be a whole lot of the pie.

So what is the Digital Business Model of your company? Find out in this blogpost and video.

Revenue of Digital Business Leaders

Matthias Biehl

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